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Belperron Debuts in New York

Belperron Debuts in New York

Belperron opens its first retail location in over forty years

Dedicated exclusively to the master jeweler Suzanne Belperron


New York, NY – October 2015 - Belperron today announced plans to open its first flagship location on Fifth Avenue in New York on October 13, 2015, making this the first location in over forty years to exclusively feature the work of Suzanne Belperron. Elegant and audacious, she pioneered a new aesthetic in jewelry: sensual, tactile and arrestingly modern. Madame Belperron’s pioneering design work spans the entire twentieth century and her influence endures to this day.

Nico Landrigan, Belperron President, commented “She was a sculptress, with a gift for divining beautiful shapes.  In my view, Madame Belperron was different from her predecessors, and seems to have a huge influence to this day.  Belperron had an uncanny sense of texture, color and scale; she understood when to hold a line through the most torturous spiral and when to break it with the rogue placement of an errant gemstone.  We are thrilled to be the caretakers of her legacy and feel a tremendous responsibility as we re-introduce her pioneering work to the world.”

The Collection

As the preeminent worldwide destination for Belperron jewelry, the new salon will sell both vintage and new pieces. The inaugural collection embodies the essence of Belperron’s aesthetic and includes many wearable essentials.  Highlights include the Wave collection of cuffs and stackable bracelets and rings, bold, geometric Roof earclips, Swirl earrings, and two-stone color Twin earrings.  The new collection will include a number of 22 karat gold pieces with a uniquely raw texture, what Belperron herself referred to as Virgin Gold.

The Belperron Collection has been created entirely from her archive of over 9,200 gouache paintings and designs many of which were never made in Madame Belperron’s lifetime. In keeping with her exacting standards, the jewelry will be made in some of Paris’ oldest workshops, one of which has a direct family line to Belperron’s original master craftsmen.  To differentiate the new collection from her original pieces, every jewel will be signed Belperron.  When asked why she herself never signed her original work, she replied “My style is my signature.”

Bringing all of her work under one roof, the Belperron salon will also be featuring a large array of vintage pieces, many from important private collections from around the world.  The Vintage Collection will be continually changing as pieces are sold and new ones uncovered.  These pieces were all designed, and their production overseen, by Madame Belperron, their provenance spanning her entire design career from the 1930s to the 1970s.

The Salon Design

The new Belperron salon, designed by noted architect Daniel Romualdez, captures the aesthetic of a 1932 Parisian apartment, a time when Madame Belperron first achieved widespread recognition for her originality. The new space, with sweeping views of Central Park, includes four galleries and features black lacquered trim, sable-colored cases, marble fireplaces and chalcedony blue walls.  Other architectural details include striking vertical mirrors, an extensive design library, and many comfortable, intimate seating areas.  The inspiration for the salon’s design came from her vast archive of original gouache paintings, tracings and other archival materials. Daniel Romualdez says, “I wanted to create an environment that spoke to the elegance and glamour of this spectacular Fifth Avenue location whilst still evoking the intimate and private world of Suzanne Belperron in Paris of the 1930s.”

The Final Word

Belperron is also putting the finishing touches on Jewelry by Suzanne Belperron, a richly illustrated book to be published by Thames & Hudson for worldwide distribution December 15, 2015.  With over 300 photographs of jewelry from private collections, contemporary editorial and illustrations from her vast archive of designs, this will be the definitive volume on Suzanne Belperron’s extraordinary career.  An excerpt will be available during the previews and pre-orders will be available beginning in October.

Launch Dates

Belperron will open on October 13, 2015 following a series of private preview events.  The hours will be Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

The name and copyright to the archives of designs of Suzanne Belperron, whose work was also known under the names B. Herz and Herz-Belperron, are owned by Belperron, LLC, a privately-held corporation.  For more information on Nico Landrigan, please go to